Project Description

Project GIMMIX has the goal to construct an operating system including toolchain for Donald E. Knuth's MMIX processor. To achieve that, an own simulator for MMIX has been developed from scratch, which does not only simulate user mode but also kernel mode instructions (unlike MMIX-SIM) and is doing this faster and considerably more user-friendly than Knuth's pipelined simulator MMIX-PIPE (albeit not nearly as flexible).

By now, the simulator is finished and provides basic devices necessary for an operating system. These have been ported from the ECO32 project and include a disk, terminals, a timer, a ROM, a display and keyboard and an output device for debugging. The still missing steps are:

Project Team

The project team is currently rearranging. In the meantime, please direct questions and comments to

Hellwig Geisse

Nils Asmussen

Project Team Members In The Past

Ariel Burbaickij, Jan Feindt, Dennis Kuhn, Thomas Letschert, Peter Strzala


gimmix-0.0.0.tar.gz [old,stable]

gimmix-0.0.1.tar.gz [old,abandoned]

gimmix-0.0.2.tar.gz [old,snapshot]

gimmix-0.0.tar.gz [snapshot]

GIMMIX simulator 0.1 [stable]

Links And Other Software

Donald E. Knuth's MMIX Homepage

The original MMIX software [300K]

The CWEB programming and documentation system [210K]

LCC Version 4.1 [660K]

MMIX Repository including the GCC toolchain with gdb

Last modified on 11-Sep-2011