Welcome to the past!

This is a distribution package of ancient UNIX 7th Edition together with a PDP-11 simulator and instructions how to get things running.

This package relies totally on the works of others:
- the creators of UNIX, of course
- Keith Bostic, who supplied an original 7th Edition tape
- PUPS, the PDP Unix Preservation Society, for archiving this tape
- Caldera, for granting a free license for ancient UNIXes
- DEC (where the famous PDP hardware was built)
- Robert M. Supnik, who wrote the excellent PDP simulator(s)

And these are the few things I added:
- HOWTO file (description how to proceed)
- mktape utility (converts the tape files for use with the simulator)
- simulator configuration scripts
- file extractor (copies files from the simulated disk to the host)

unix-v7-0.tar.gz [old]
unix-v7-1.tar.gz [old]
unix-v7-2.tar.gz [old]
unix-v7-3.tar.gz [old]
unix-v7-4.tar.gz [old]
unix-v7-5.tar.gz [old]
unix-v7-6.tar.gz [stable]

Alternatively, if you prefer to look at the UNIX sources under Linux:

extracted.tar.gz [stable]

If you have any further questions regarding this package, write to


Hellwig Geisse