How to separate the real programmers from the boys?

In ancient times of informatics (let's say: Twenty years ago) it was easy to identify a real man of informatics:
Real programmers did not use structured programming languages.

Read the following little text, if you want to know why - maybe, some of the insights still hold true today.
(It is originally a letter to the editor of Datamation, volume 29 number 7, July 1983, written and copyright by Ed Post, Tektronix, Wilsonville OR USA)

Read: "Real Programmers Don't Use Pascal"

Btw, today real programmers still use reverse polish calculators only. This is how it works:

From:, visit them, if you like this kind of humour.

Why real programmers use vi?

Because vi is the fastest editor around. However it needs some time and practice to cope with it. A very good introduction to vi can be found at Derek Wyatt's blog: The Vim Novice Tutorial Videos..

But what about good old emacs? - Of course, emacs can do everything! Look and see: