Porting ECO32 to S3E Starter Kit Board

ECO32 Manual [slightly outdated, but useful]

eco32-30-port-0.tar.gz [porting environment]
eco32-30-port-1.tar.gz [PC keyboard, VGA display]
eco32-30-port-2.tar.gz [parallel flash ROM interface]
eco32-30-port-3.tar.gz [CPU, including MMU with TLB]
eco32-30-port-4.tar.gz [monitor in ROM, using block RAM]
eco32-30-port-5.tar.gz [timer and interrupts]
eco32-30-port-6.tar.gz [two serial interfaces]
eco32-30-port-7.tar.gz [loading of S-record files]
eco32-30-port-8.tar.gz [DDR SDRAM controller -- DO NOT USE: NOT WORKING ON SOME BOARDS!]
eco32-30-port-9.tar.gz [DDR SDRAM controller]
eco32-30-port-10.tar.gz [DDR SDRAM, no block RAM]
eco32-30-port-11.tar.gz [C compiler]
eco32-30-port-12.tar.gz [running also on S3E-1600 board]
eco32-30-port-13.tar.gz [copy monitor from ROM to RAM]
eco32-30-port-14.tar.gz [SPI bus, D/A converter]
eco32-30-port-15.tar.gz [DAC with 48 kHz sampling rate]
experiments with port-15 towards an FM synthesizer

suggestions for experiments with eco32-30-port-4.tar.gz
suggestions for experiments with eco32-30-port-5.tar.gz
suggestions for experiments with eco32-30-port-6.tar.gz
suggestions for experiments with eco32-30-port-7.tar.gz
suggestions for experiments with eco32-30-port-9.tar.gz
description of new modules within eco32-30-port-14.tar.gz

Flash programming on S3E-500
Flash programming on S3E-1600