k-Nearest neighbour classifier as Java Script library

The Java Script library implements the k-nearest neighbours (knn) algorithm. The library can be used to build own classifier that run inside a web browser.

Because knn is a lazy learner, no time-consuming training is necessary. Instead, knn reads every pattern of a test data set and searches for similar patterns in a training or reference data set. The class, to which the majority of neighbours belong, is assigned to the test pattern as predicted class.
Author: Matthieu Holzer

Web application and example

The following link shows an example implementation based on the library. Please be aware, that this is not a web application, because Java Script runs inside the browser on client side. No data files will be uploaded to a server.

screenshot knn
k-nearest neighbours example implementation.

The example implementation offers prepared data sets to visualise the behaviour of a knn-predictor. In addition own data sets can be used as reference or test data.

Please refer to the help page for more information: How to use the Java Script knn classifier.

Download library

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Please use the following reference if results obtained by applying the software are published
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Holzer, M., Dominik, A., 2012. knn-js - Java Script library for building k-nearest neighbour classificators. THM - University of Applied Sciences Giessen, Website, [Online]. Available at: http://www.life-science-it.org/pages/research/projectKNN.html [Accessed ].

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